FREE Farm Safety Toolkit

Why is it crucial to invest in a Public Safety Communications Program? The key reason is to save lives and prevent injuries. Cooperative members, farmers, ranchers, first responders, construction workers, the general public, and children work, live, and play around electrical infrastructure every day. This requires a need for ongoing education and frequent reminders of how to be safe around electrical equipment and how to identify and report problems back to the co-op. Commitment to safety is a common denominator for all of us.


We sponsor Safe Electricity because we believe in its mission: to save lives and prevent injuries through education. The Safe Electricity team has produced an entire campaign around the personal story of Cody Conrady, who made contact with 7,400 volts while filling a sprayer tank. He shared his story to help increase power line awareness.


Tell Cody’s story with this FREE Farm Safety Toolkit (videos, graphics, articles and other components), compliments of Safe Electricity. If you are not one of their 350+ co-op members, please consider joining the Safe Electricity program. We know how much time and effort is needed to develop safety messages from scratch. By using the professionally created, award-winning and vetted safety resources like these, you can more easily share important safety education and spend time on other important cooperative communication activities.