Diversifying? Talk to Federated early in your planning process

As the utility industry faces the challenge of change and diversification, it’s especially important to know you have reliable cooperative business partners.


Federated Rural Electric Insurance Exchange is proud to be one of those partners. We have the flexibility to move quickly and the knowledge to give unbiased advice. And, when those truly innovative diversification opportunities arise, Federated’s team is ready to help your system achieve its business objectives.


Our diversification experience has taught us many things. And it has repeatedly confirmed this: The key to success is early and thorough preparation. Before you enter a new business, make sure everyone completely understands the opportunity and the associated risk – every chance of gain comes with a chance of loss. Laying this critical groundwork will lead to a well-planned allocation of resources and responsibilities.


Part of your early preparation should be evaluating the risks associated with new business diversification opportunities. For expertise in that area, electric co-ops count on Federated.


We encourage you to bring us in as early as possible in the decision-making process. The timing is important: The earlier we’re involved, the more we can help.


By working as part of your diversification team, Federated’s experienced Account Executives can help you build a unique insurance program that fits your needs. The Account Executive can identify potential risk exposures to accidental loss and recommend methods of managing those exposures. As often as needed, your Account Executive will personally assist you with the evaluation process.


To learn more about how Federated can help, contact your Account Executive or visit the Policy Services section of Federated’s Web site, www.federatedrural.com. Specific inquiries can be directed to Luke Falke, Sales Manager; he can be contacted at (800) 356-8360 or at lfalke@federatedrural.com.